Field Medical Support UGV

Autonomous UGV with Caterpillar Drivetrain for Medical Support

High-profile Area SupportConcept

Medical support to the injured is crucial in high-profile areas that are too dangerous or inaccessible by troops. An autonomous UGV with light armor and caterpillar drivetrain is capable of carrying wounded people of the site through off-road tracks, inaccessible areas, day and night conditions. Troops are equiped with radio signal markers that are used to identify the critical event and plan the mission for the UGV to come to the requested point.

COTS mission ready UGVs Stream4S Solution

The solution focuses zero time-to-integration - only the charging area and an initial area map are needed to mark the medical support point for the system to operate.The injured person or his team member who is within the area map boundaries sets the pick up point via radio signal which is sent to the UGV. UGV autonomously goes from point A to point B where the injured soldier is loaded onto the platform or does so by himself and is taken to the initial location A. The whole mission is carried out without the intervention of the medical personnel.

>15km/s UGV speed

>100kg Payload

0ºC - 40ºCOperating

10h Run time


Compliant with MIL-STD-810/MIL-STD-461 military environmental and EMC standards
Autonomous navigation
Map management functions
Shock absorption system


Speed: not less than 15km/h
Performs missions in high danger or inaccessible areas for regular troops
Goes on off-road rocky terrains
Day and night vision
Office in London, UK
Office in Kaunas, LT
Office in London, UK
Office in Kaunas, LT