Full Motion 360 (VR) Video

Integrated Full Motion 360 Video Surveillance System

Directed field of viewConcept

Early target detection is essential for defence operators. Therefore we integrated virtual reality technology which is often regarded as a natural extension to 3D computer graphics to expand the Detection / Recognition / Identification (D/R/I) range of an EO/IR system.

Although the longest range is achieved with a narrow FOV EO/IR system, it presupposes the direction the target is approaching. This direction is not always known on the battlefield. If the system is pointing in the wrong direction, there is actually a 0% probability of detection. If a target approach is assumed equal from any side, then the system needs to factor in a probability based on the ratio of 360°/FOV.

Our advanced surveillance system with staring sensors overcomes this issue with instantaneous coverage of all 360° view range. It employs both a staring 360° imaging system and a directable NFOV system Once a target is detected it can then cue the NFOV system to interrogate the potential target further.

Circular camera array modules Stream4s Solution

Video feed is provided from a camera rig consisting of multiple camera modules (up to 16) in a circular or spherical camera array. The size of the rig and the arrangement of the cameras are optimized to work with the software assembler that stitches multiple views into a 360 video.

A VR Controller can be used to navigate in a 360 Full Motion video. At the lowest level, VR Controller uses an array of sensors to precisely track the movement of the head. The computer then perfectly maps head’s real-world movement onto the view of a virtual world.

Full Motion Video System ComponentsSystem Components

1. 360 Camera Array - provides the video high-definition multiple video feed. 2. Long Range Camera - narrow FOV video camera with pan / tilt / extended zoom. 3. Video Server - integrated with the camera video feeds. Provides processing of the separate video feeds into a panoramic real-time video and detection of moving objects with motion detection algorithms. 4. Review Station - PC application with interface options to navigate the video and control camera operation. 5. Monitor for Long Range Camera - separate monitor with tilt-zoom options for the long range camera and a dedicated video feed. 6. VR Headset - an additional interactive controller reacting to the position of the observer reflecting the external view from the 360 Camera Array

16 camera module

>360° view range

H.264 codec

25 frames
per second


Continuous video surveillance without blind spots
Eliminates the need to switch cameras when identify distant targets
A combination of cameras provides an increased capability to detect and identify objects around the perimeter


An intuitive perimeter surveillance for the observer with a Headset Controller reacting to the actual position of the user
Multi-view command station station providing a quick way to navigate and monitor identified objects
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Office in Kaunas, LT
Office in London, UK
Office in Kaunas, LT