Autonomous UGV

Robotic platform with full autonomy
for adaptive mission path planning

S4SRobotics™ Unmanned Mission Core (UMC)

Designed to be integrated with any tactical wheeled vehicle, drone or caterpillar to perform supervised autonomous navigation. Its multi-sensor system allows to gather precise positioning estimates without relying on the GPS or a lead robotic platform. Once integrated with UMC each robotic platform is ready for mission planning and control, fleet management, object tracking and responding to traffic conditions or road blockage.

High level autonomy

The UMC system provides any robotic platform with full autonomy from adaptive path planning to automatic obstacle avoidance

S4SRobotics™ UGV Platform

S4SRobotics™ is an autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) with 360º sensing designed to operate tactical missions in a multitude of environments. With a four-wheel independent drivetrain that can besteered independently and a localisation module based on LIDAR and proximity sensors, our UGV demonstrates movement precision both: indoors and outdoors. Missions are performed in several modes of operations, including: follow-me, drive to target, find target in pre-loaded map, patrol along waypoints.

Object Tracking and Detection

With two D Hokuyo 240º LiDAR sensors, a S4SVision cameraand GPS, S4SRobotics can localize and perceive its surroundings granting object tracking and detection

Fleet Management System

Given its ability to coordinate and interpret several types of sensors, it can be applied to every robotic platform (drone, ground vehicle, caterpillar, etc). Remote fleet and mission management system is easy to operate for a variety of missions - mission planning, monitoring and remote control. S4SRobotis™ can operate in natural unmodified environments with low cost of infrastructure. A combination of units, 3D vision cameras and proximity sensors allows a depth sense and natural feature recognition for adaptive navigation and precise localization. Thanks to its Wi-Fi/4G connectivity, S4SRobotics can be controlled remotely by an open specification controller interface.





70 kg


Aluminium frame

Max Payload



Li-Ion 48V, 30 Ah, 220V, fully charged in 1h

Operating temperature

O0ºC - 40ºC

Max Speed


Run Time



Single Board Computer (Intel x4 Cores 2.1 GHz) with ROS 1920 x 1024 color LCD display + touchscreen/p>

Office in London, UK
Office in Kaunas, LT
Office in London, UK
Office in Kaunas, LT

Office in Kaunas, LT

Donelaičio g. 62, Kaunas, 50000


Office in London, UK

45 King William Street, London, EC4R 9AN