Stream4S is an industry leader in the development of advanced surveillance sollutions. In addition to our products lines, we provide software engineering, program and product lifecycle management services to our partners globally to support their business processes, systems integrations and interoperability. We focus on quality and efficient communication when delivering solutions for real-time informational systems, surveilance and security systems and autonomous robotics.

Real-time systems

We provide a modern and flexible infrastructure for better system performance and scalability when dealing with resource intensive solutions or mission critical systems.

Languages: C/C++ , C#, Python, XML, SQL, Java
Cross-platform frameworks: Qt, Boost, Dlib
Dev environment: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse GCC, Cmake, Jenkins
Test-Driven Development (TDD): GTest, GMock, Catch

Cameras and sensors

We have a broad experience working with various camera interfaces and sensor types: developing algorithms and modules for electro-optical, thermal cameras, integrating stereo vision cameras, Lidars or TOF cameras for 3D video.

Camera sensors: CCD, CMOS
Processors: TI DaVinci, OMAP, Jetson TX1
Depth Sense cameras: Microsoft Kinect v2, Real Sense F200, Asus Xtion,Orbbec Astra PRO / Persee, ZED Stereo Camera, DUO MLX, Lidar
ONVIF compliant devices

Embedded devices

Our capabilities include development and integration of custom Operating Systems (OS) and modification of vendor OS. We specialise in working in highly constrained environments andoperating systems for embedded devices.

Operating systems: Wind River VxWORKS, Linux, Embedded Windows

Computer vision & AI

We work with a wide toolset of computer vision frameworks to develop motion and event detection, feature recognition, 3D modelling algorithms.

TensorFlow, Torch, Caffe, OpenCV, ROS, Cuda, MATLAB

Data streaming over network

We deal with large quantities of data streaming over network daily. We provide consultation services and network implementation of real-time communication between devices in private and public networks.

Data Streaming: RTI DDS, AMQP, ZeroMQ
Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, RTP
RTSP Streaming: Gstreamer, Live555, libVLC, FFmpeg

Office in London, UK
Office in Kaunas, LT
Office in London, UK
Office in Kaunas, LT

Office in Kaunas, LT

Donelaičio g. 62, Kaunas, 50000


Office in London, UK

45 King William Street, London, EC4R 9AN