Initiating Recording Mode when Motion is Detected

Stand-still Mode Motion Detection with DaVinci DM365 Vector Data

Enhanced motion-based recordingConcept

Modern CCTV cameras are able to recognise motion, but additional workload can cause problems with their need for multiple video streams in diverse formats and resolutions. Our goal was to reduce the load on the main processor by allocating specific tasks to the core encoder. We implemented stand-still mode motion detection with DaVinci DM365 vector data and initiating recording mode when motion is detected.

Event Processing Based on Motion Vector DataStream4S solution

Use of motion vector data from the Texas Instruments DaVinci DM365 encoder allowed us to dramatically simplify the algorithm for motion detection under diverse scenarios. The solution was applied to on-board transport CCTV systems. If a camera detects motion while a vehicle is in standstill mode, a special message is sent to the CCTV and the NVR starts recording.

camera support

94% precision rate for motion detection

<2s delay time

15 cameras able to run in detection mode on a single NVR


Precise automatic event detection based on feeds from cameras
15 cameras are able to run on detection mode on a single NVR
Reduced need for manual intervention with less than 2 sec. delay time


Detection of a broad range of possible event types
Custom actionable rules with quick response time
Low incidence of false alarms (incorrectly identified events)
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Office in London, UK
Office in Kaunas, LT

Office in Kaunas, LT

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Office in London, UK

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