Streaming IP cameras with H.264 video support

Streaming video from the front of the trainConcept

Unique usage of on-board CCTV cameras as a component in an entertainment system for passengers which ensures secure connection and streaming video live feed from the front of the train The inner Train Management Information System (TMIS) provided access to the train outdoor front facing cameras via a mobile application. Passengers were able to connect to the train network and access the video feed from the front of the train.

Dynamic Streaming Profiles Stream4s Solution

The video stream is provided with an integrated software solution consisting of: Video Server, Transcoder and RTSP Streamer. Depending on the device resolution and network speed the appropriate video stream is selected. The stream is then split into individual profiles serving full resolution or half resolution with the usage of dynamic transcoding profiles. Different public URLs were made accessible for each integrated camera and video profile. Automatic switch for cameras with night vision support was integrated. The passengers are able to connect to any of the streams directly and see a live view - as the train driver sees over the front window.

58 Train CCTV

>1000 Unique daily

20% Higher passenger

5x Network load


New entertainment value using existing security infrastructure
Higher awareness of the benefits of on-board video security systems
Handled differences in platforms, devices and network connectivity
Office in London, UK
Office in Kaunas, LT
Office in London, UK
Office in Kaunas, LT

Office in Kaunas, LT

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Office in London, UK

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