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July 15, 2015 White Paper

VSAAS Market Outlook & Trends

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Stream4s has prepared a White Paper reviewing the 5-year outlook and key trends in the global market for Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS). Here we share some highlights from the report.

Market Size and Growth

The size of the global video surveillance and VSaaS market is estimated to have doubled since 2011 to roughly $20 billion, and is forecast to double again by 2019 to some $40 billion.

With China as the world’s largest national market, the Asia Pacific region will account for the largest part of global sales, followed by the Americas and, a bit lower on the scale, EMEA.

Countries of the Middle East, Germany and Nigeria top the list for the fastest projected market growth through 2020, at about 15-20% per year each.

Emerging and Evolving Technologies

Facial detection: This is a booming field, with advances currently led by Kitachi Kokusai Electric and the U.S. Army. While recognition of a face from an image with 40-50 pixels is generally an industry standard, in some instances quality of the picture was already reduced to 20 pixels.

Behaviour recognition: Software to recognize and possibly predict human behaviour has been patented by BRL Labs (AISight 3.0). The system, which is said to differentiate humans from animals, is so far mainly being applied for use in crime prevention.

Multi-object tracking: Images from multiple cameras are already being used to count customers or passengers and track their behaviour. Retailnext offers one such system to be used in-store.

Emotion recognition: Faced-based analysis has moved beyond simple recognition, with systems in development that can capture the muscular micro-shifts in facial movements such as a minor smile or moment of confusion.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition: ANPR is moving to a new level with the addition of active object tracking. Industry-wide acceptance in parking and traffic management can be expected.

Video stream security: Virtual private networks (VPNs) are increasingly being used to improve security of video streams. The degree of security, however, depends on the individual VPN provider/program.

Open standards: Recent moves toward open standards in the newest (4th generation) NVR hardware reduces costs related to system compatibility and integration. The resulting increase in versatility could potentially stimulate transport CCTV systems demand.

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